Agric Extension

Department of Agricultural Extension & Management

The goal of the Department is to produce graduates with the requisite knowledge, skills and attitudes in the agricultural development process, and those who possess the competence to effectively transmit such skills to farmers and other members of the public.

The thrust of a programme in Agricultural Extension & Management is to produce graduates with an in-depth knowledge of both practical and theoretical aspects of the course and is robust enough to permit self-employment after graduation. Students spend most of their time receiving instructions in the basic sciences, humanities, workshop practice, engineering drawing and general agriculture. Students areĀ  expected to acquire a thorough knowledge of extension theory, its application to contemporary agricultural problems as well as the ability to use quantitative/qualitative techniques in conducting agricultural and rural development research.

The objective of the department is to train technocrats and professional workers with competence in the analysis of socio-economic and cultural problems in agriculture. This is in response to increasing opportunities for our graduates in teaching, research, management, public administration, community and rural development.

Department of Agric. Extension & Management
The graduates of Agricultural Extension & Management are expected to be able to accomplish the following:
* engage in research that would provide relevant and appropriate solutions to most development problems and improve agricultural productivity in general.
* take up employment within and outside the country in any aspect of agriculture and related areas.
* Profitably put their skills into operation by establishing and/or operating their own farming enterprises
* Serve as a channel for the dissemination of agricultural information to farmers.
* Help farmer organizations, community based organizations etc. to train the interested individuals in skills needed for economic empowerment.

Courses Offered:

1. Higher National Diploma in Agric. Extension & ManagementĀ  ( HND; Full Time, Duration: 2 years)

2. Higher National Diploma in Agric. Extension & Management ( HND; Part-time, Duration: 3 years)