Crop Production

Department of Crop Production Technology

The Department of Crop Production Technology’s main thrust is to provide technical services to farmers and the general public to improve agricultural productivity and efficiency thus improving people’s living standards.Philosophy
The philosophy of the Department of Crop Production Technology is to produce graduates of Agriculture that are adequately equipped with comprehensive theoretical knowledge and practical skills required for engaging in productive and economic agricultural production.

Department of Crop Production Technology

The programme is designed to equip graduates with sound diagnostic measures, rapid crop multiplication techniques, crop varietal development and improvement. In addition to development of result oriented research, the program embraces the balancing of the natural ecosystem through the use and promotion of biocontrol measures thereby enhancing agricultural productivity and sustainability.

The objectives of the programme are:
* to produce graduates geared towards self employment and self reliance.
* to produce graduates with sufficient technical, productive and entrepreneurship skills who will be involved in
production, research and entrepreneurship in any aspect of agriculture and other related disciplines.
* to produce graduate farmers that are relevant to the industry and the society and who can contribute effectively
to national development goals in agriculture.
* to produce experts in post-harvest management to tackle the huge losses in agricultural produce.
* to develop result-oriented research towards food security.
* to create unique learning opportunities through various approaches.

Department of Crop Production Technology

Courses Offered:

1. Higher National Diploma in Crop Production Technology  ( HND; Full Time, Duration: 2 years)

2. Higher National Diploma in Crop Production Technology ( HND; Part-time, Duration: 3 years)